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A contributing member of Project Partners has access to substantial existing carbon tax credits which are available at a discount, saving the buyer (usually a company seeking to reduce its tax bill) as much as 30-40% of its brief (once tax payments are either reduced or refunds received) cash investment in the credits. Investment in credits is done by paying into an LLC set up for the purpose of funding power plant projects and obtaining approved carbon tax credit documents. Investing in the LLC essentially makes a portion of the benefit of the tax credits transferable.

The credits are discounted based upon the amount of Tax Credits desired- ($500,000 or $ 100M or any number in between)

    • These credits can be used on the 2009 Taxes amended or Current yet to be filed.
    • The credits can be used 20 years into the future and can be sold or transferred to other parties.
    • These credits were established to encourage Investor investments into qualified renewable energy.  
    • The credits will increase in value as the plants are built.  
    • Principals have worked in Energy for 30 years from Nuclear to Renewable with many break through technologies.
    • Principals have the authority to negotiate the price for these Federal Tax Credits.

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