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Michael Hentschel is an "acceleration  manager" with 28 years of hands-on corporate management, team-building, market-building, cash optimization and finance, often “second-to-CEO” in early stages. Through TechVest Ventures, a national technology venture accelerator team of hands-on managers which he founded in 1987, he has held full-time administrative management and advisory positions in many client companies, recently CFO of Robert Ham (2009-), CFO ColdStorData (2009-), CFO Steeplechase (2009), CFO Desktone (2007) and CFO Resilience (2006). There he raised, as integral member of the leadership teams, $17 million in Boston MA, and $10 million in Mt. View CA. Michael has helped 40+ top-quality CEO’s raise $120+ million in equity.

He also co-managed VC Funds such as $58-million Schroder Ventures in Silicon Valley (1984-87) with superior 27% annual returns.  

  • hands-on startup, strategic turnaround, Board member (7x), incl. crisis management.
  • five IPO’s among client/investee companies while a VC in CA, prime winner Stratacom.
  • public CFO (2x), incl Avaterra virtual worlds, one of first on-line social network sites.
  • private CFO multiple times, incl. Internolix as US CEO-CFO  as part of an $85 mm IPO.
  • corporate venture portfolio management for 5 years of a $58 million Fund in California.
  • raised or invested more than $100 million in early-stage tech growth company deals.
  • P&L sales/marketing responsibility up to $425mm, managing 50 sales reps.
  • Created two charities in Germany and Peru, and Project Partners Group in Boston area.
  • 4 years teaching Duke/Fuqua Executive MBA’s, Yale BA, Kellogg MBA.