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Stock, Partnership % Fees, and Service Fees Structure: providing all services only as needed and affordable.

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Project Partners

Because there is literally no velocity of money (most incremental dollars in the system are no longer stimulative), the next few years may start a “Lost Decade” in the Japanese sense of deflation and stagnation, rather than inflation, even if all the debt and money-creation today would tend to suggest eventual rapid inflation. Any significant recovery starts hyper-inflation. Either way, we see the Private Economy under enormous pressure, while government will keep growing as employer/guarantor/owner of last resort, at the expense of the private sector which really pays the bills.

Project Partners is an Initiative of TechVest that we find particularly promising in such an environment: collaboration on helping young companies grow with virtual resources, extreme team management, incremental but continually available expertise, creative talent that would be unaffordable otherwise. This is not entirely new, few things are, it is an intriguing improvement on the model of incubation: sweat equity + real service fees. In an age of limited investment capital AND limited debt availability, creative approaches are a must.

Selecting the most promising clients, Project Partners may be a way we can keep entrepreneurship humming.