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How We Build

A typical TechVest engagement starts with comprehensive Financial Modeling, and ends with Go-To-Market execution.  Modeling brings together all past, present, and future company strategies and ideas in a 5-year planning framework. Then it’s up to a top-notch team to execute by proper product development/positioning and selling and marketing.

It turns out that ALL companies can and should be modeled that way, it really focuses what is base business and what needs to be layered on as far as new ideas and initiatives to make or keep the company successful.

TechVest provides a “Strategic CFO” to get it all underway. This is business planning with a distinct difference:

Venture Strategy Stair Step Red

We see the building blocks below as our project tasks in every assignment: start at the foundations, build on foundations of a leadership team, refine all ideas and plans, define production and execute, increasingly optimizing performance. THEN and only then does it become possible to access funding sources (investors await) and access the markets (customers await) and generate new $$$ in both ways. Only by carefully planning and executing all elements can we attain a succinct success strategy.

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